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80% of occupational contracted disease (HIV, Hepatitis) is transmitted by needle stick accidents.

How can Sharps Terminator® help reduce needle stick injuries?
Q:  What is so important about the Sharps Terminator ® One-Handed Technique?
A:  Needle stick injuries do not happen to the hand that holds the needle.They happen either to the other hand or other parts of the body.
The One-Handed Technique can be performed in 3 easy steps:
1. Remove syringe from patient.
2. Insert needle downward into the Sharps Terminator ®
3. Wait a second, dispose plastic waste in bio-bag.
Protect our Doctors, Nurses and Patients from needle stick injuries with Sharps Terminator Technology Today!
The Sharps Terminator is a safe, cost effective solution for preventing needle stick injuries at the point of procedure.


-Renders syringes and needles harmless.
-Turns needles into inert ash
-Syringes become harmless stubs in a second!
-Cost efficient compared to existing methods.
-Simple, one handed operation.
-Works on wide range of needles, including IV.
-Compact (7 inches tall), portable and battery operated.


​Sharps Terminator ® is intended for use by health care professionals in treatment settings, clinical laboratories, hospitals, nursing homes, doctor’s offices, veterinary professionals, blood banks, etc...Position the Sharps Terminator on a stable, flat surface in close proximity to where the injection is administered. The needle can then be destroyed at the point of procedure by means of an efficient, one-handed a second!



The implementation of the Sharps Terminator will reduce your sharps bin consumption by 90%-97%. The cost savings is tremendous and that means a substantial reduction in co2 emissions.

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