• The Sharps Terminator is a safe, cost effective solution for preventing accidental needle sticks at the point of procedure.
  • Renders syringes and needles harmless.
  • Turns needles into inert ash and syringes in to harmless stubs in three seconds.
  • Cost efficient compared to existing technologies and methods.
  • Simple, one handed operation.
  • Works on wide range of needles, including IV and butterfly.
  • Compact (7 inches tall), portable and battery operated.
  • Battery Operated and completely portable.

Sharps Terminator ® is intended for use by health care professionals in treatment settings, clinical laboratories, hospitals, nursing homes, doctor’s offices, veterinary professionals, blood banks, etc...Position the Sharps Terminator on a stable, flat surface in close proximity to where the injection is administered.  The needle can then be destroyed at the point of procedure by means of an efficient, one-handed operation.